Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Ceramic Hair Straightener

Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Hair Straightener

Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Ceramic Hair Straightener

by Remington

  • 1” Teflon Fiber Ceramic plates, the ultimate styling surface (Technology exclusive to Remington)
  • Tourmaline ion emission for less frizz and more shine
  • High Heat 210C / 410 F with Instant heat up – ready in 60 seconds
  • Variable Heat Settings with Auto shut-off
  • Dual voltage for worldwide use
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  1. Brand: Remington
  2. Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 14 inches
  3. Shipping Weight: 1.3 pounds
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Product Description

The Remington Style Therapy: Damage Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron features plates covered with ceramic fabric for 50 percent less hair splitting and damage. Ceramic Fiber creates more styling surface than flat, slim plates. This added surface helps prevent hairs from rubbing against each other, thereby reducing a major cause of splitting and damage. This straightener reaches a top heat of 430 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds for fast, long-lasting results. An LCD display with temperature lock makes for precise temperature adjustments.

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Style Therapy: Damage Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron
At a Glance:
  • Ceramic Fabric-wrapped plates for 50% less hair splitting and damage

  • Easy-to-read LCD indicator display with temperature lock for precise adjustments

  • 300-430-degree heat range for fast and long-lasting results

  • Heats up in 30 seconds; auto-shutoff in 60 minutes

  • 4-year warranty
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Remington Style Therapy: Damage Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron

Made with ceramic fabric, the Damage Therapy has a non-stick, low-friction surface. .

Remington Style Therapy: Damage Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron

Heats to a maximum of 430 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds.
Remingtons Therapy Collection
The Remington Style Therapy collection--a hair care system that delivers conditioning properties while styling--provides solutions to combat irritating hair problems and works to increase hair health and vibrancy. Because the protective benefits are already in the straightener, youll prevent damage and save time normally spent adding conditioning products before styling.

Ceramic Fabric Provides High Protection
The Damage Therapy Flat Iron is made with ceramic fabric that can withstand extreme temperatures, is waterproof and chemical resistant, and has a non-stick, low-friction surface. Ceramic fabric is also resistant to product buildup, so this flat iron is suitable for use with all wet hair care products.

The Damage Therapy Flat Iron features ceramic and tourmaline styling plates wrapped in this fabric, which provides a highly protective barrier between the hair and the heated plates, thereby limiting heat damage. The result is a more efficient straightener that reduces damage, glides through your hair, and requires fewer strokes.

Heats Up Fast; Auto-Shutoff for Safety
This straightener heats up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds and offers variable heat control so you can choose the best temperature to suit your hair type. If youve ever left the house and worried that you forgot to switch off your straightener, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The Damage Therapy Flat Irons auto-shutoff function takes effect after 60 minutes. And when youve finished styling, its easy to store away with its handy hinge-lock. For maneuverability, it boasts a salon-length swivel cord.

This straightener also features worldwide voltage, so theres no need to skimp on your style routine, whether youre at home or abroad.

The Damage Therapy Flat Iron is backed by a four-year warranty.

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Remington has been helping the world get ready for over 70 years. Experts in innovation, they offer cutting-edge technology and work with top salon professionals from all over the world to produce hair styling products that really work. Remingtons mission is to help you look good and feel like youre ready for anything, so you can look in the mirror and say, "Okay, world, here I come."

Whats in the Box
Remington Style Therapy: Damage Therapy 1-inch Flat Iron.

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Style Therapy 1-inch Flat Irons
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Customer Reviews

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The Dark Horse of Hair Irons, January 31, 2009
Targetxoxo "Ashley" (NYC, USA)
I consider myself to be a hair product junkie and expert.You name it i probably know about, have it, or tried it. I have used a Solia Flat Iron for 5 years. She still kicks but not quite like she use to. I can't pin point it. It still gets hot but maybe not as even. Anyway I decided to try some cheaper iron just until I could splurge on another solia or comparable iron. I found this at target. The whole teflon thing made sense to me. Anyone who cooks knows the joy of a non-stick surface. IN theory hair gliding with less friction/strain would have less breakage. My first time using it. I started at around 1/2 way on the heat dial and I realized how crazy hot it was so i turned it down. Mostly out of fear my smoke alarm might go off. First Pass and I was like you have to be kidding me! ?! I am african american and my hair was in dire need of a relaxer and a deep condition. It was dry dry...that one pass left my hair sooo soft and shiny. I had some kind of shock. Then I asked myself how.

One side stopped heating after 6 months, May 27, 2010
R. Perry
I was extremely happy with this straightener until I noticed that it wasn't working as well as it normally does. One side of the iron no longer heats up. Becasue this happened 5 months after I purchased the iron, I could no longer return it via Amazon. However, I contacted Reminton's warranty department and they graciously sent out a new unit. Now this is a company that backs up their products. Highly recommended.

I Love the NEW Teflon Fiber Surface - Gets HOT Fast!, February 5, 2009
Northeastgal (Methuen, MA United States)
I purchased this Remington after my Revlon flat iron literally blew up in my hand! I had another Jilbere flat iron as a back-up but after buying this, I've already ditched it. This one is different and I really like the teflon fiber plates. I have fine, wavy, frizzy hair and I usually have to iron twice to get my desired effect, but this iron is so efficient, it took only one pass and my hair is STRAIGHT! Iron get's very hot - heat setting was at 10 and hot. I REALLY like the feel of the teflon over a ceramic or metal surface it does seem to hug the hair better. Also has a swivel cord, to it won't kink and create an electrical hazard (like my revlon did). Controls are in just the right spot too, they don't get in the way at all. I'm glad I bought this!

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